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Our technicians perform transmission repair services that will get you back out on the road.

Every vehicle has a few key components that allow it to move and function correctly. One of these components is the engine, which is the heart of the vehicle. It converts fuel into power to propel the car forward, but the amount of energy produced can be too much, particularly when traveling at a low rate of speed. The transmission in your vehicle helps to manage the energy produced by the engine, transferring it to the wheels and other components. It includes multiple gears that slow the vehicle down or allow it to speed up when you accelerate.

Transmission Repair in Middlesex, New Jersey

With so many moving parts at work, it’s not surprising that a transmission may need attention at some point over the life of the vehicle. Some of the warning signs of transmission issues include burning odors, clunking or whining sounds, and struggling to shift into a different gear. You might also notice that your vehicle shakes when it’s trying to shift gears when the transmission is struggling to perform properly. Transmission fluid plays an important role in the operation of this component, so spotting this dark red liquid on the ground beneath your car is worrisome.

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At Stoms Automotive, we offer transmission repair for all makes and models. We can diagnose problems with both automatic and manual transmissions, as well as perform transmission repair services that will get you back out on the road. We work with vehicle owners located throughout Middlesex, New Jersey to provide transmission repair and other automotive repair and maintenance services. Contact us today to learn more.

At Stoms Automotive, we offer transmission repair services for customers from Middlesex, Green Brook Township, Bridgewater, Dunellen, North Plainfield, South Plainfield, Piscataway, Edison, Woodbridge, New Brunswick, Franklin, Somerset, and Raritan, New Jersey.