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We can perform services on the shocks and struts of all types of vehicles.

Although roads are quite bumpy, modern vehicles include components and systems that are designed to absorb some of the shock and provide a more comfortable driving experience. When you’re cruising down the road in Middlesex, New Jersey, you shouldn’t feel every bump you go over.

Shocks and Struts in Middlesex, New Jersey

Two of the most vital components that contribute to a vehicle’s ride comfort are its shocks and struts. Shocks help to prevent excess bouncing when the vehicle drives on a road, and struts are part of its suspension system. Struts are connected to the top of the chassis of the car and point downward, providing a place for the mounting of the coil spring. A vehicle’s coil spring maintains its ride height and allows for alignment adjustments to be made.

If you notice that your car is exceptionally bouncy when you’re driving, the shocks and struts may need some attention. At Stoms Automotive, we can perform services on the shocks and struts of all types of vehicles. We’re ASE certified, so you can feel confident when we’re inspecting and repairing your ride. Our technicians also have extensive experience in the automotive industry and can work on anything from the Model T to the Tesla.

When performing any type of service for a client, we put honesty and integrity at the forefront of everything we do. Our clients can count on us to be honest and transparent about what their vehicles need, rather than trying to sell them something they don’t need. We’re proud of our commitment to quality work and a positive experience.

At Stoms Automotive, we service car shocks and struts for customers from Middlesex, Green Brook Township, Bridgewater, Dunellen, North Plainfield, South Plainfield, Piscataway, Edison, Woodbridge, New Brunswick, Franklin, Somerset, and Raritan, New Jersey.