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Car owners can count on our team to diagnose and repair starters.

A starter is an electric motor that cranks the engine in a vehicle, allowing it to start. It’s part of a system that also includes a solenoid, which is a relay that transmits power to other components. When you press the start button or turn the key in the ignition of your vehicle, the solenoid transfers electrical power from the battery to the starter motor. It also pushes the starter gear, forcing it to align with the gear teeth of the engine’s flywheel. These actions engage the engine and allow the vehicle to start.

Starters in Green Brook Township, New Jersey

Many auto owners don’t realize the complexity of the system that starts a car. They simply expect that when they engage the ignition, the car will start. But when something doesn’t work properly and the vehicle doesn’t start as it should, oftentimes the starter is to blame.

Starters do wear out through normal use, and they often give warning signs when they need attention. If your car seems to labor when starting or won’t start at all, the starter could be the problem. You could also notice that the lights in the cabin go dim when you turn on the car. Grinding or whining sounds can indicate a problem with the starter, as can the presence of smoke or burning odors.

Starters are essential to the function of vehicles, so it’s important to have yours checked out at the first sign of a problem. Here in Green Brook Township, New Jersey and the surrounding area, car owners can count on our team at Stoms Automotive to diagnose and repair starters. If you’re concerned about the starter in your ride, bring it in today.

At Stoms Automotive, we service car starters for customers from Middlesex, Green Brook Township, Bridgewater, Dunellen, North Plainfield, South Plainfield, Piscataway, Edison, Woodbridge, New Brunswick, Franklin, Somerset, and Raritan, New Jersey.