Engine Repair: 4 Common Services for Your Needs [Infographic]

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At Stoms Automotive, we have decades of experience working with cars, and we’re passionate about helping you with yours when problems arise. Of all the parts that make up your car, the engine is probably the most important since it is responsible for converting energy into motion. That means it’s more than a little inconvenient when your engine starts having issues. Luckily, we’re equipped to handle your engine repairs.

Engine Repair: 4 Common Services for Your Needs

  • Alternator Replacement- Your car’s alternator supplies the engine with the electrical energy it needs to charge the battery and power other components. If you experience frequent stalling, too-dim or too-bright headlights, or malfunctioning electronic accessories in your car, you might need to replace your alternator.
  • Engine Diagnostics & Performance- Sometimes it isn’t clear what’s wrong with your engine, and even trained professionals like us might not be able to confirm the cause without using other tools first. We can provide an engine diagnostic test and computerized tuning to identify and resolve the issue.
  • Engine Repair- You may need engine repair if there’s a knocking sound coming from beneath the hood, you see exhaust smoke, the check engine light turns on, or your car’s fuel efficiency has decreased. We’ll take a look for leaks, faulty spark plugs, corrosion, or other possible causes and fix them immediately.
  • Transmission Repair- The transmission is the intermediary between your engine and the wheels. Whether it’s a failing torque converter, worn-out clutch, or damaged bearings causing you grief, we’ll repair or replace them to get your transmission and engine working again.

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