PennGrade 1 Oil, Middlesex, NJ

Your classic car deserves more than a standard oil change.

PennGrade 1 Oil is a special kind of engine oil that has won the hearts of car fanatics, racers, and antique car collectors for several reasons. At our Stoms Automotive shop, we have many customers who will only use this brand in their favorite automobiles. If you want to ensure you use the best engine oil for your most prized possession, PennGrade 1 Oil may be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

PennGrade 1 Oil in Middlesex, New Jersey

PennGrade 1 Oil has been used in racing and high-performance engines for a long time. It’s made to handle high RPMs and extreme temperatures, which makes it an excellent choice for race engines that are pushed to their limits. The oil’s ability to keep its viscosity and protect essential engine parts in these situations can help the engine run better and last longer.

Additionally, because it has zinc additives, PennGrade 1 Oil is preferred by many owners of classic cars. For engines that were made before the 1980s, a higher amount of zinc is often needed to protect the valvetrain and camshaft. PennGrade 1 Oil has the right amount of zinc to protect these parts, keeping the engine healthy in the long run and preventing premature wear and tear.

PennGrade 1 Oil also works well in engines that need to carry a lot of weight, like those in trucks and other machinery. The strength of the oil effectively protects against wear, keeping important engine parts like pistons and bearings in great shape even when they are under a lot of stress.

Finally, PennGrade 1 Oil is known for having quality and consistency that you can count on. This dependability gives drivers peace of mind because they know their car is safe and thoroughly protected. If you’re wondering if PennGrade 1 Oil is right for your vehicle, stop in and talk to our team today in the Middlesex, New Jersey area.

At Stoms Automotive, we offer PennGrade 1 oil for customers from Middlesex, Green Brook Township, Bridgewater, Dunellen, North Plainfield, South Plainfield, Piscataway, Edison, Woodbridge, New Brunswick, Franklin, Somerset, and Raritan, New Jersey.